We are proud to have Jonathan Edgington heading up our ‘Business Support International Telecoms Services’.

Jonathan started in IT and Telecoms some 20 years ago and consulted on the first three Haynes Publishing Hardback editions of the International PC Manual.

As communicating complex 21st technology in ‘clear English’ has become so vital in this ever increasingly complex world of IT and Telecoms technology, Jonathan has made it an all important USP for his businesses, leading to our Telecoms Teams offering that same clear advice on new Telecoms technology and services with our outstanding, award winning customer services, focussed on always striving to give our clients a greater understanding, leading to that all important peace of mind.

Our teams of highly qualified Telecoms executives backing up Jonathan are always ready and willing to talk through, in plain English, any and all queries and requirements you may have. 

Just contact Jonathan and his team for a free and unbiased, no-obligation chat.